About us

When in 1912. Kazimierz Funk, a Polish-born biochemist, first used the term „Vitamin” and patented the chemicals that would protect humanity from diseases, he could not have imagined that Vitamin J would appear in the long run, protecting the well-being of new and thriving businesses.

You may ask how vitamins can be related to our history as an SEO agency? Don’t worry, soon you’ll understand.

It all started with a curious child – a future scientist. This inquisitive little one watched the difficulties his father faced while expanding his business. Attracting new customers and raising the company’s profile were huge challenges, but even in the most difficult of moments, the father refused to give up and told stories about his grandmother who was convicted of entrepreneurship during the Soviet era (USSR).

This stubbornness inspired the young scien
tist to look for ways to help people like his father.
Whilst growing up, he wondered at how retinol, which protects the skin from dehydration, was called vitamin A, cobalamin, which fights fatigue and depression, was called vitamin B12, and calciferol, which restores resistance to infectious diseases, was called vitamin D, and then about how he might discover a vitamin that could enhance the well-being of a business.

If health prevention and vitamin consumption became an important daily ritual for people the world over, why couldn’t the unlimited possibilities of the internet and other technologies be a vitamin for business?

After all, in the 21st century, it is so easy to get the necessary information with a simple touch of just a few buttons, to communicate with a colleague in another part of the world, to buy things online in e-shops. The list goes on.

After this, the young lad had the idea to explore how the internet and its opportunities promote people’s entrepreneurship and economic well-being. After graduating, the young researcher hypothesised that entrepreneurship is restricted by the fear of innovation and the associated avoidance of innovation.

Witamin J, a substance that promotes confidence in innovations and their application, was used to confirm the hypothesis.

Many sceptics did not believe that Witamin J was effective, but tests showed that it had a strong positive effect on entrepreneurial and sales growth.
In August 2016, Witamin J was patented and a team of ardent professionals were brought together in an outstanding SEO agency.

Vision until 2026​


To be a partner of the companies, helping them to grow and take care of the financial well-being of their employees, while strengthening the country’s economy


Cooperation, public spirit, responsibility and development.