SEO audit​

Imagine you are searching for products or services on the Internet. What exactly are you doing? You input a keyword in Google Search, and then you click on some websites which are probably on the first Google Search Result Page (SERP) for this keyword. You then order your product or service from the website which interests you the most. It’s simple! The seller is satisfied, and you are happy because you have found what you have been searching for. You wonder how the seller could have made the process so easy. And how you can implement that for your business.

An SEO audit can show you how to rise to the first Google page.

Soon, you’ll know how this can be done. Firstly let’s work out if you’ve ever monitored a users’ actions on the website. Do you know what attracts them the most and how long users stay on webpages? Have you noticed which problems (if any) they face on your website?

Nowadays, Google watches and evaluates every single internet user. What he or she is doing on a website, how much time users spend on it, which click to actions buttons are being clicked. These are just a few of a great number of things that Google watches. An SEO audit allows you to analyse your potential clients’ actions and to improve the website so that it ranks at the Top of SERP. Even better, it leads to more enquiries and ultimately, more sales.

SEO audit is like a health diagnostic test.

Imagine the website as a human body. Its health is one of the most important priorities for you. That’s why you should find the best doctor – an SEO specialist. He or she will examine the whole website thoroughly, make diagnostic tests, give conclusions, and finally, prescribe the right medicine or vitamins so that the immunity of the website can be cured and strengthened.

That is the power of an SEO audit. When immunity and health are strengthened, the website will be much more visible, easier to find, more attractive and more valuable. It brings much more profit too.

How to implement an SEO audit?

The potential of the website is assessed during an SEO audit – advantages and disadvantages, as well as the compatibility with search engines, mostly Google, but Bing, Youtube, Yandex or Amazon too. The shortcomings and errors of the website that prevent it from reaching the TOP positions in SERP are found in the analysis. Then, the competitors’ analysis, which helps to find the right SEO strategy for your website, is implemented.

The recommendations and actions that should be taken to rank on the TOP of SERP and to increase outcome much faster are suggested at the completion of an SEO audit.

Could you manage it on your own?

You always have the opportunity to take free tools with minimum features and:

  • Find out the right keywords that fit your business,
  • Add the selected keywords into content,
  • Manage images correctly,
  • Analyse competitors, etc.

However, ask yourself if this satisfies your demands? Have you got enough knowledge, experience and even the right software? Professional SEO specialists use many efficient tools that are not cheap and which allow your website to achieve outstanding results.

Are you interested in more requests and sales?

Do you want to get a list of suggested improvements that will create increased enquiries and more sales? Feel free to contact us as soon as possible! Our aim is to reach the highest rank together!

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