On-site SEO​

If you own a website or an e-shop, you are definitely monitoring the figures. You observe traffic on your website, the time users spend on it, what attracts them the most, what they buy, etc. Naturally, you always want higher traffic on the website, don’t you? However, you get upset when users visit the website for a very short time. Have you thought about how many orders you have lost? How many potential clients have chosen the leader of the market, but not you?

You can ensure that potential clients know the uniqueness of your business compared to competitors. What should you do and what can help you? On-site SEO can help you! If you want potential clients to know your benefits, on-site SEO has to be done very well.

What is on-site SEO?

The meaning of the word “on-site” shows that the work is done on a website. It is optimised, according to Google requirements. It allows Google AI to understand that this website is precisely what the potential clients are searching for. Therefore Google shows this website in the TOP of positions of Google Search Page Result (SERP). As you can see, it means on-site SEO increases traffic on the website.

What steps should be done?

There are some tasks which need to be implemented on the website:
The keywords research and the website’s structure need to be done carefully. When everything is managed with the requirements of Google, your website will be ready for the users’ traffic.

On-site SEO reveals the uniqueness.

We hope you have understood how much work needs to be done to make on-site SEO work perfectly. However, what advantages does every part of this work give? Perhaps it is possible to skip part of on-site SEO and lower the price? If you want to achieve the best result, we have to say that it’s absolutely necessary to follow all Google SEO requirements. Let’s explore the benefits of the different parts of on-site SEO.

1. The keywords research discloses what potential clients search.

This research helps to find out what goods or services potential clients search for on Google. What keywords and phrases are the most popular and suit to your business most of all; what keywords are used by competitors; and which ones you need to apply.

2. Impressive website structure makes finding faster.
According to the research of keywords, it is possible to create an effective structure of the website. It helps for potential clients to see how goods or services are laid out and what you offer. The precise order makes finding faster.
3. The content by keywords exposes the uniqueness.

The content of the website – texts and images – has to match Google rules. Google’s AI can readily identify if the text on a webpage is about goods or services or not. That’s why it is worth using keywords, to write easily and attractively. On the other hand, the text should be clear and comprehensive. Additionally, the website’s text should be useful, informative and motivate you to buy or at least get in touch.

4. Slogans stay in users’ minds!

Only attractive slogans hold clients’ attention. They are necessary on your website. Also, it’s essential to use selected keywords for writing them. On the website, they should be Heading 1 format.

5. Meta snippets grab searchers’ attention.

Sales will grow if meta snippets or data fit clients’ expectations and the content of the website. So, what are meta snippets?. Let’s take an example. A person wants to buy men’s trousers, so he or she enters this phrase in Google search. Firstly, a big blue title on search results attracts their sight, this is called the meta title. There is a link above it. A meta description (a text limited to 160 characters) is under the Title. Then the user decides by reading snippets which link he or she would click.

6. Technical SEO makes software code Google-friendly.

When on-site SEO has been done, it’s time for technical SEO. It allows:

  • Check errors in the software code,
  • Test mobile website speed,
  • Inspect if the website is mobile-friendly or no,
  • Connect the website to Google with “sitemap.xml” file for faster indexing,
  • Fill “robots.txt” file,
  • Include schema markup in the website, etc.

It’s time for big sales.

To reveal and emphasise the company’s uniqueness, goods or sales and stimulate sales growth, you definitely need our on-site SEO services. Please, contact us right now! Let the potential clients know who you are and what you do as soon as possible!

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