SEO service

“If you are not on the internet, you are nowhere”, modern proverb. Welcome to reality. Look from the point of view of Covid-19. Have you thought before about how your business could continue to exist throughout circumstances of economic uncertainty? What are you going to do if your clients refuse your services or stop buying your goods, and you don’t have money for paid ads? Do you have a plan on how to get new clients? Is it essential for every business to stabilise and operate, even throughout a recession or uncertainty? What about your business? Are you aware of how to get new clients in a crisis and in lockdown? Is reading this worrying you? Don’t worry, we have the solution. It comes with our SEO service – optimising your website to search engines like Google, Bing, Youtube, etc. It could give you clients when you haven’t got money for paid ads. Choose one of the SEO services or read on about full Google SEO service.

SEO competitors’ analysis

Know everything about your competitors’. It helps to gain an advantage over them and helps you rank at the TOP positions on Google Search.

On-site SEO

Reveal your uniqueness to the clients and become leaders of the market by preparing a website that meets all Google rules.

Off-site SEO

Promote your website by creating a network of quality backlinks as recommendations based on friendship and trust.

Keywords research

Find out what people look for in Google and attract uninterrupted traffic of potential clients to your website.

SEO for export

Boost your website and business in overseas markets and develop exports independently without any dealers.

SEO consulting

Implement your whole SEO project with a mentor, reveal more opportunities to your business on the Internet and enjoy success.

What SEO is.

The abbreviation SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. It helps a website to appear in the first Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). SEO services consist of different steps, but each of them is very important. Look at all steps of Google SEO:

How SEO helps to get clients.

Let’s take an example. Imagine, you are an owner of men’s clothes e-shop or website. An SEO specialist thoroughly selects keywords that suit your e-shop best. According to the selected keywords, your future clients will easily find your e-shop or website. For instance, “mens clothes” is one of the most popular keywords which men search in Google when they want to find the right clothes and buy them. It would be great if entering the mentioned keyword your website will be in the Top of SERP, wouldn’t it? It would ensure higher traffic of potential clients. You probably won’t be surprised, but most people search for goods or services on the first Google result page, rarely – on the second one, and mostly never look on other pages.

So, an SEO specialist performs all the necessary work that makes your e-shop attractive, user-friendly, easy to find and buy goods or services from, in order to rank it in the Top of SERP by selected keywords. That’s why our SEO service makes your men’s clothes e-shop easy to use. It encourages a customer to think and search for other opportunities much less, and it promotes trust in your online clothes shop.

What is your opinion? Are you interested in these results?

It’s time to boost your business immunity with SEO!

SEO service is like vitamins

In order to be healthy, in a good mood and full of energy, our body needs vitamins like A, group B, C, D, E, etc. If a person doesn’t get one of these vitamins groups, for example, vitamin C, they would become sick very soon. Every part of the SEO process is like vitamins, so you should take all of them to have a healthy website or e-shop.

How SEO can be implemented.

In order to grow to the TOP positions of Google, long and meticulous work must be done by several team members. Professional SEO specialists are always interested in Google innovations because that is used to give consumers the best search results. So, SEO work is very logical, considered and tested many times, if professionals do it, because only websites that fully meet customer expectations are shown in the TOP of SERP.

Furthermore, SEO is a long-term project which can last for many years. It’s like sports competitions for sportspeople. If a sportsman or woman wins one competition, they cannot relax and stop training, because next time others will win. The same is true with a website that has ranked in first position by the right keywords. The competitors never sleep and your website could lose first position. It means that an SEO audit and the competitors’ observation should be done often.

As you can see, SEO projects can be long and complicated, which has its price, but it generates abundant sales and revenue in return. So, a high quality, professional SEO service is paid off both financially and by time saved.

The most important steps of SEO.

If you decide to use the professional SEO services then you should know every single step.

We will determine the vitamins that are most necessary for your website.

SEO is a part of marketing. Therefore we will evaluate the growing opportunity and the marketing strategy of your online business that you use, in order to achieve business and outcome growth. We will make an SEO audit of your website and diagnose the most necessary vitamins for it. After evaluating the strengths and weaknesses, we will prepare a plan of action. It will make the website attractive to clients and better than your competitors. Also, the website will rank in the SERP Top.

We will prepare the research of the proper keywords.

The keywords research is the foundation of the whole SEO project. It aims to discover how people search for your goods or services in Google. The analysis of keywords helps to ascertain which keywords and phrases are popular in Google and are best suited to your business to generate clients’ traffic and higher outcome. That is the reason why we will carry out the keywords research for your website. We will find out which keywords the competitors use in their websites and finally, we will develop a clear strategy of competing with them in Google Search.

We will make the new Menu structure of the website.

At the Menu of the website, users should see all structures with links to the webpages in an exact order. Then they could find the desired webpage very fast. Also, customers could buy goods or services after they have clicked on the desired webpage. The Menu can be compared with the shelves of a shop. If someone wants oranges, they should find shelves with them very fast instead of wandering around.. Your clients will see all your webpages as shelves in an offline shop on the Menu structure.

We will accomplish the website’s on-site SEO.

The work of this phrase is performed inside the website. It allows Google’s AI to understand that website is what your potential clients are searching for in Google and rank it higher. It requires management of the website’s content: texts, images, videos, write meta snippets and implement technical SEO. These works need to be done in combinations with Google SEO requirements. Keywords that are correctly used in texts and meta snippets, along with SEO auditing and technical SEO that are done well, will give higher traffic and influence sales.

We will create backlinks network – off-site SEO.

When on-site SEO has been done, it’s time for another step – off-site SEO. It’s like making connections. In personal or business life, it is vital to have people who can contribute or cooperate in implementing your ideas or goals. Online business requires connections, as well. This job makes links from other websites that are called backlinks. They should be spread on the websites which are ranked highly by Google. If the website has a lot of backlinks from highly ranked websites, Google will understand its value, and it will rank on the TOP positions of SERP. So, we will write original and attractive articles with keywords and backlinks.

And the next step is

That is only a small part of what we can tell you about SEO and offer to your online business! So, are you ready to attract more clients and increase sales? Would you like us to rate your website? We are ready to implement SEO services to your online business and consult you. Please, contact us as soon as possible.